What should I do if I am in an accident?

Accident help with Edward Hund Trial Attorney in WichitaIf you are conscious and able to look around the accident scene,take note of the address (nearest intersection) of a city street. If the accident occurs on a state highway, there are usually mile posts near the edge of the highway close to your location. Try to learn the name of the other drivers and obtain their contact information. Do not make statements to other drivers or witnesses at the scene of the accident. Be careful not to tell anyone “I am alright” if you have any doubts at all about your condition (whether or not you have sustained personal injury). Listen to what other drivers have to say without giving them any details other than who you are and the name of your insurance company, if requested. Cooperate with law enforcement officers who have been sent to the scene to control traffic and/or investigate your accident. An investigative officer will usually get the other driver’s name, address, and insurance company and provide it to you. The investigating officer will ask you for a statement and may ask you to write down what happened. Gather your thoughts and be as brief as possible. Only give factual information such as what actions you took or what you observed about others. For example, an appropriate statement might read, “The driver in the white pickup truck ran the red light and I could not stop in time to avoid hitting him.”

Note the name of the law enforcement agency that was sent to the scene. Is it the local Wichita police department, sheriff’s officer, or highway patrol? This is important so an official accident report can be requested from the correct agency later.

Be cooperative with others at the scene. Your cool head will help the investigative officer find out what occurred and whether any traffic laws were broken. This will help establish who was at fault for the accident.